Fixed Wing Flight Training

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Telephone: (01452) 857419

Training: PPL (A), Night Rating, IMC, Aerobatics, Multi, PPL/IR, CPL, FIC, AFIC, SE & ME IR, Second Pilots PPL Ground Training



Aircraft Differences TrainingAAAA

Air Experience Flights, Trial Lessons, Gift Vouchers in the nostalgic, ‘stick and rudder’ 2 seat Piper Super Cub
PPL, FLIGHT TRAINING, CAA Approved Training Organisation
Tail Wheel Conversions, Conversion from Microlight NPPL to Aeroplane NPPL
Tail Wheel Experience Gift Vouchers
Tel. James on 07855409512


Bristol Aero Club
Tel: 01452 260113
Contact: John Ferguson

Non-profit members flying club aiming to share the joy of private flying at affordable cost. The club is run by volunteers supported by a highly experienced team of qualified instructors and maintenance engineers. Our PA28 aircraft are equipped for use by disabled pilots using a hand control for the rudder and our instructors are familiar with training for its use. Flight training from no experience through to night and instrument IR(R) ratings. Regular club flyouts including cross channel.

Training: Trial Lessons, LAPL(A), PPL(A), Night Rating, IR(R), Cross Channel Mentoring

Clifton Aviation
Tel: 01452 690898

Authorised Cirrus Training Centre
PPL, PPL & IMC Ground School and Exams, IMC, Night, Glass Cockpit Training, Cirrus Transition training
Aircraft Rental – Aircraft Leasing and Group Management

Gain your Competency Base IR at Gloucestershire Airport. Have fun whilst getting proficient on Instrument Approaches.

Clifton Aviation are now offering full CB-IR training.

Revalidate or Renew your IR, IMC, IR(R) ratings in a Cirrus or PA28 (Warrior) aircraft.

Gain your Night Rating on the Cirrus, Warrior or a Cessna 152.

Cotswold Aero Club/Cotswold Aviation Services Ltd
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Contact: Phil Mathews
Telephone: (01452) 713924

Training: PPL (A), PPL (M), Night Rating, IMC, Tailwheel, Second Pilots, AOPA Radio Nav, Multi, Tailwheel on pilots own aircraft, Ground Training and Microlight Training for NPPL-M.



Telephone: +44 (1452) 930987

The UK’s most innovative airline training academy. From our unique educational approach to our world class facilities, we’re radically redefining every aspect of airline training.

Training: CAA Integrated ATPL –  CAA modular training including PPL/ ATPL Theory/ DL ATPL Theory/MEP/CPL/IR/APS MCC – Cabin crew training – Renewals and ratings – Military conversion courses


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 15.12.20Staverton Flying School
Contact: Kathryn Williams
Telephone: (01452) 712388

Training: PPL (A), PPL (H), Night Rating, IMC, Aerobatics, Second Pilots, AOPA Radio Nav, Ground Training