The Environment

Gloucestershire Airport strives to ensure that aircraft operations do not impact heavily on the local community:

  • Current levels of aircraft movements are around 70,000 a year, which has not changed significantly in over 30 years.
  • Recognising that noise is a source of concern to its neighbours, the airport operates noise abatement procedures covering the operation of aircraft.
  • The impact of aircraft noise has reduced significantly in recent years as a result of the introduction of new aircraft technology which has also brought a reduction in airborne pollution.
  • Gloucestershire Airport has developed a comprehensive green policy that details our commitment to the environment. It provides guidance on managing our business in a way that enhances the positive and minimises the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities by taking current issues like safety and the environment seriously. It requires us to balance successfully the interests of our different stakeholders through the quality of the judgements that we make. Click here to view the policy. This is reviewed annually with our Shareholders and this report can be viewed here.
  • We are committed to reducing emissions at the airport, in partnership with its aircraft operators and other stakeholders.
  • A range of environmental issues are discussed and monitored at meetings of the airport’s consultative committee.
  • Gloucestershire Airport has developed a travel plan using guidance offered from the Department for Transport. This plan guides Gloucestershire Airport’s Board, Executive Directors and employees in implementing a sustainable travel plan and framework into its business. The Department for Transport’s definition of a Travel Plan is “a general term for a package of measures aimed at promoting greener, cleaner, and travel choices” with a specific emphasis on reducing single-occupancy car journeys. More than that, a Travel Plan is a dynamic process, evolving and changing over time to reflect the characteristics of our business, our employees and our site. It will influence our decision making in a range of areas and permeate into our culture. Click here to view the plan.