George Bell, a 16 year old, completes LAPL Training within a record breaking 3 weeks!! And passed all 9 exams first time! 

The teenager first took off in a Piper PA28 on 22nd July 2019 with Instructor Garry Mace, at Clifton Aviation, Gloucestershire Airport, by 8th August George took his first solo and took his test on 13th August 2019 (as a tall boy he could not fit in the Cessna 152 so had to use the Piper instead).  His flight training took place over the skies of Gloucestershire and included one solo landing at Wolverhampton Airfield.  George’s flight training also included 6 hours of supervised solo flying, when he took the controls alone. His mission was accomplished in 3 weeks and he was issued his Pilot’s licence by CAA on 4th October 2019 on his 17th birthday.

George who plans to become a commercial pilot, completed his LAPL training in 32 hours, the minimum flying hours required to obtain a pilot’s licence.  His love of flying has been there from a young age as he comes from an Aviation family and has been fully supported by his dad who is also a pilot.  George’s dad Steve said he was very proud of his son’s achievement and had no doubt of his capabilities from the start.

George said “I couldn’t have done it without the dedication of the Clifton Aviation team and particularly my Instructor Garry who prioritised my goal to complete my training during my school holidays”.

His instructor Garry said “Every day George gave 100% and not once did he slack off.  This talented young man had a goal to achieve and he was going to make sure that it was fulfilled.  His sheer commitment was outstanding in every way, always a smile on his face and a pleasure to be his flying instructor.  On 13th August George took his skills test, a nervous day for all involved but feeling confident at the same time”.

This goal was supported by the Operations Manager Briege O’Meara, John Bowen HoT, Mo Nejad CFI at Clifton Aviation, and David Lewins his ground school tutor.