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Consultative Committee

Airport Consultative Committee

Gloucestershire Airport hosts an Airport Consultative Committee whose purpose is to foster and maintain the best possible relations with local communities and other interest groups. The Committee:

  • Promotes the exchange of information and ideas.
  • Allows concerns to be raised and taken into account by the Airport management, with both sides sharing a desire to resolve any issues that may emerge.
  • Provides the opportunity for interest groups to reach a common understanding about the nature of the airport operation, thereby increasing the scope for issues to be resolved amicably.
  • Promotes wider understanding of airport operations.
  • Promotes better understanding by Gloucestershire Airport of the nature of its impact on local communities and businesses.
  • The committee comprises members who represent the interests of neighbouring parishes, aerodrome operators, local authorities, local business representative, aerodrome users and other interested parties. The position of Chairman is occupied by a person who is not closely identified with any sectional interest.

The present Chairman of the Gloucestershire Airport Consultative Committee is Dave Haines. If you have an issue that you wish to bring to the attention of the committee please write to:

Dave Haines
Chairman, Airport Consultative Committee,
C/o Gloucestershire Airport,
GL51 6SR

Gloucestershire Airport