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Helicopter Training

Helicopter Training

Castle Air Academy

Castle Air Academy is an internationally recognised training provider with over 40 years’ experience, offering a range of different courses including Integrated CPL(H)/IR and Instrument Ratings. All students are trained by industry leading instructors with years of experience across a variety of different roles including Offshore, Charter, and Air Ambulance.

Heli Air Gloucester

Telephone: 01452 855500


Contact: Brian Kane

Heli Air Gloucester is located in the centre of Gloucestershire Airport with the very best facilities. The company has been training for PPL(H) and CPL(H) since 1984 and opened at Gloucestershire Airport in 2012. Heli Air trains students in the Robinson R22, Robinson R44, and R66. Heli Air also offers Ground School training services to assist students through the licensing exams. In addition, once licenced, a client can then self-fly hire the company’s helicopters. In addition, clients can add additional type ratings on other models at Heli Air Gloucester.

Heliflight UK Ltd

Heliflight is one of the leading UK helicopter training schools. Heliflight UK have a helicopter to meet any requirement, which ensures they can provide diverse and top-quality training. Services include executive charter, self-fly hire, and training. 

Gloucestershire Airport