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Pleasure Flights

Pleasure Flights

Aircraft Differences Training

Telephone: 07855 409512


Contact: James Peplow

Offering advanced flight instruction for, Tail Wheel Type Conversions in the Super Cub PA18, short field/farm strip training, and Complex aircraft training.  Trial lessons and air experience flights are available and training for the Private Pilots Licence.

Bristol Aero Club

Telephone: Tel: 01452 260113


Contact: John Ferguson

Non-profit members flying club aiming to share the joy of private flying at affordable cost. The club is run by volunteers supported by a highly experienced team of qualified instructors and maintenance engineers. The PA28 aircraft are equipped for use by disabled pilots using a hand control for the rudder and instructors are familiar with training for its use. Flight training from no experience through to night and instrument IR(R) ratings. Regular club flyouts including cross channel. Training: Trial Lessons, LAPL(A), PPL(A), Night Rating, IR(R), Cross Channel Mentoring

Staverton Flying School

Telephone: 01452 712388


Contact: Kathryn Williams

Training: PPL(A), NIght Rating, IMC/IR(R), Second Pilot, Ground training and Exams, Trial Lessons, RT Training

Gloucestershire Airport