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Positive start to the year for local aviation hub

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Gloucestershire Airport has had a positive start to the New Year as Airport Director, Jason Ivey, now has an experienced leadership team of professionals in place to explore current and future opportunities to maximise the potential of the airport.

The team is now at full strength with the addition of Head of People, Lisa Milden, Head of Air Traffic, Chris Brian and Head of Business Development & Marketing, Helen Webb. In the autumn he had already been joined by Head of Finance, Angela Madigan, and Head of Operations, Brian Rawlings.

This comes nearly two months after Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils, along with the airport announced they were seeking new investors for this prime aviation hub.

Jason Ivey, Airport Director, comments: “I’m delighted to now have such an experienced and professional senior leadership team. They will play a key role in supporting myself and both Councils with the sale of the airport, as well as its development in the short to medium term whilst the sale is progressed. If we stood still and waited for the sale to happen we would be going backwards and this wouldn’t benefit either the airport, our tenants, or future investors”.

The two Councils recently confirmed the airport is being sold as a going concern saying, ‘’We understand the importance of the airport to the regional economy, and it will be sold as an operational airport, with measures in place to try and secure its future as a viable business for the area.’’

Considerable interest has already been received and the airport and councils are now working to bring the site forward to the market. Appropriate advisors are in the process of being appointed and the necessary due diligence is being undertaken in line with local government and procurement rules.

This was reiterated at a recent meeting of those businesses that are sited on the airport and are essential to the local economy as well as the aviation community. They offered their full support for the Airport Director and his new team in ensuring the best for the airport and their businesses.

“It’s fantastic to have the support of our resident business”, said Jason, “and they understand that we are prioritising making the airport a commercially and vibrant aviation hub for the benefit of them and the wider community”.

Gloucestershire Airport